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LessWrong has a Slack group!

An introduction to our regulars as at mid-2018

Slack is a communication tool, to exchange and discuss about various topics. The LW Slack looks like a chatroom and works like a chatroom, with emphasis on topic-centered channels to enable multiple discussions running in parallel at different paces.

The door for joining is now closed based on dwindling use. See below. To join us, please

There is also an active Russian group at http://slack.lesswrong.ru/. It is all in russian.

Goals of the group

The following sums up and expands on the founding post.

We aim for constructive and charitable conversations between LessWrongers, including (but not limited to):

  • steelmanning in debates
  • respect of others
  • patience

Our many goals and purposes include (the list is growing):

  • Productive conversations (making progress is key)
  • Learning, information and experience exchange
  • Life advice in all kinds of areas, outsourcing of decisions (when effective)
  • Collaborative creation of fresh rationality content
  • Safe space for friendly rational conversation on the Internet (a nice place to hang out)
  • A more coherent and strongly connected Less Wrong
  • Development of ideas and strategies to improve the world, personally


This list is non-exhaustive.

Name Topic
open Open conversation (water cooler)
welcome Introductions
ai Artificial Intelligence
art_and_media Books, movies, media in general
business_and_startups Startups, industry and business
effective_altruism Effective altruism
goals_of_lesswrong Meta-discussion about the LW main site, the LW Slack and rationality
human_relationships Social intelligence and interactions
parenting Parenting advice and education
philosophy Philosophy
programming Computer Science, hacking and learning
projects Personal projects, feedback and accountability
real_life_advice Practical advice and life hacks
science_n_technology Scientific concepts, discussion over state of the art and possible achievements
fit Fitness, health
dieting and food
cognitive enhancement chemicals, supplements.
mental health
rational hell fun zone
vulnerability practice vulnerability experiments

Is the slack still active?

As at 2024-04-10, The slack has dwindled to 0-200 messages a week. There are some old friends who still hang out but some weeks are very quiet. We mostly use other servers. This server is still alive but not open to new members.

The slack is still active as at Nov 2019. With 1.5-2.5k messages a week. This section will be updated from time to time.

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