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The Lesswrong community is often a dependable source of recommendations, network help, and advice. This page keeps track of such resources. A short summary should ideally be provided for each link.

Prototypical examples of such are :

The best textbooks on every subject

Procedural knowledge gaps

Other potentially useful resources were:

Reading list

Recommended reading for new rationalists

Book recommendations

Recommended reading for Friendly AI research

Mathematics learning

What math should I learn

What mathematics to learn

Seeking education

Misc learning

Scholarship: how to do it efficiently

Learning Optimization

I want to learn programming

I want to learn economics

I want to learn about education

Which fields of learning have clarified your thinking? How and why?

Cognito Mentoring is a website started by Less Wrong users that's full of resources for curious young people.


Why do people ____?

Learning how to explain things


Lesswrong mentoring network

Free research help editing and article downloads


Optimal employment (follow-ups: 1, 2)

Virtual employment open thread

Best career models for doing research

Optimal employment open thread

Job search advice

Any thoughts on how to locate job opportunities?

More shameless ploys for job advice

Economy gossip open thread

Teaching English in Shanghai

Interesting part-time jobs

Gap year ideas