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Picture taken during our April meetup

Sample Past meetups

  • the 11th of February 2012
    • individual interests, individual situation (studies, work, ...), position with Less Wrong, shared some interesting book titles
  • the 17th of March 2012
    • how to handle personal crisis
  • the 16th of April 2012
    • difficulties of social interactions
  • the 19th of May 2012
  • the 16th of June 2012
  • the 14th of July 2012
    • Axel's Bayes game
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        Axel's, game picture 1
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        Axel's, game picture 2
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        Axel's, game picture 3
    • Just world theory
    • Technocracy vs. Democracy
  • the 11th of August 2012
  • September 15th Rue des Alexiens 55 1000 Bruxelles at 12:00
    • learning tennis, update on probabilities, system 1&2, venn diagram explanation
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        brief game
    • monthly iteration of Axel's game
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        Bayes' formula
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        clarification by the game master
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        focus and decisions
  • the 13th of October 2012
    • Hunters in nature preserves
    • The biology of hard substances in animals
    • Dangerous substances
    • The seemingly (?) pervasive stereotype of notherners being more industrious and southerners more lazy within many European countries
  • the 24th of November 2012
    • Unusually invigorating discussion on hindsight bias and Kahneman's "thinking fast and slow".
  • The 15th of December 2012
    • Visit from a real cryonicist.
    • Life in lake Vostok?
  • The 5th of January 2013
    • The mating behaviour of butterflies
    • Spoil tips (mijnterril / steenberg)
    • Kenia
    • charity
    • A vastly improved version of Axel's Bayes game
  • The 16th of February 2013
    • Planning for a recruitment campaign at the local university
    • Trying out Hugo's arguing game. It proves very effective at getting interesting conversations going, if nothing else.
    • Topics discussed in the game include the value of space exploration, whether voting should be mandatory, and the most likely pathway to rogue drones destroying humanity (still pretty unlikely).
  • The 16t of March 2013
    • Welcoming newcomers.
    • Playing the arguing game some more. Topics discussed: intellectual property on artistic works, whether anyone should lose their right to vote, positive discrimination, school uniforms, the legalization of drugs and prostitution.
    • Transhumanism and immortality.
  • The 20th of April 2013
    • Hyperbolic space
    • Gut bacteria
    • If a "base universe" runs on many-worlds QM, and inside this universe other QM universes are being simulated. To save on computational resources, only one "many-worlds-branch" of every simulated universe is actually calculated. Does this influence the anthropic probability of being in the base universe vs. a simulated universe?
    • The Drake equation and its disturbing implications.