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H+Pedia is a transhumanist wiki project to spread accurate, accessible, non-sensationalistic information about transhumanism among the general public. It is sponsored by UK based transhumanist policy think tank Transpolitica[1] and London Futurists[2], initiatives from futurist David Wood.[3]

Content includes information about jargon[4][5], comparisons of ideology[6] and futurist political positions,[7] as well a large list of transhumanist organisations and people.[8]


Due to content overlap, some LessWrong wiki content might be better covered on H+Pedia. Such articles are tagged with {{hpp}} and placed into Category:Articles to merge to H+Pedia.

For linking out to H+Pedia with a visually distinct icon you can use {{hppl|H+Pedia page name}} to link to an article on H+Pedia. Example: Main PageH+LogoHR.png

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