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  • This wiki is generally for short summary-descriptions of frequently referenced concepts, and lists of links to the relevant posts on LW. Original content and long arguments should go in LW blog posts and the associated comment threads. The user is intended to bounce back and forth between the blog and the wiki, clicking on wiki links for quick explanations of concepts used in blog posts, and then digging further into the blog or wiki if not satisfied. The short summaries may freely refer to other concepts on the Wiki.
  • Wiki pages corresponding to individual articles or blog posts shouldn't generally be created. If an article introduces a relevant concept, a wiki page describing that concept and linking to the article may be created, but not a page for the article itself.
  • Original content that is best built by many users editing it can be an exception to the above rule, appearing on the Wiki instead of the blog - for example, a collaboratively edited poem, or a long list of posts with summaries in chronological order.
  • Our version of "notability" is how often a concept is referenced. If a concept is referenced in only one place then it does not need a wiki entry.
  • To guard against bit rot, wiki pages should be kept in a relatively good form at all times, even at stub stage. Don't leave unorganized content or poorly researched statements in the pages.
  • When linking to a series of relevant blog posts, a description (one sentence to one paragraph) of what relevant material the user can expect to find, will be helpful - if you see a list of relevant posts with no summaries, feel free to add them.
  • Any user of this Wiki can make obvious corrections to any other user's spelling and grammar, or to make existing words on any page into Wiki links, by using the [[ ]] marks, pointing to a page that already exists or is expected to exist eventually.
  • Any user may categorize any page by listing the names of the appropriate Category at the bottom of the page.
  • If there is a disagreement about which categories a page fits in, or about anything else related to a Wiki page, the disagreement can be discussed in the page's "talk" page. If unresolved, please contact an administrator to mediate or make a note on Lesswrongwiki:Disputes. A dispute can potentially be escalated to a blog post.

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