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Greetings! We are a friendly band of people in Melbourne, Australia, brought together by the Less Wrong website and community – which means we are learning to use our brains better, in order to live better. “Aspiring rationalists”, if you will.

About us

Our inspiration comes from:

  • The website Less Wrong, and its Sequences. However, a local real life community is a different beast from a global online community. (It’s easier to be friendly in real life.)
  • The Center for Applied Rationality (CFAR). CFAR held its first workshops outside the USA in early 2014, in Victoria. A number of us participated and found it very valuable.
  • Many other sources, including great books about the mind (and changing habits, and communication…) and related groups within Melbourne (notably Effective Altruism Melbourne).

What we do

We meet regularly in Melbourne for:

  • A Rationality Dojo, usually on the afternoon of the first Saturday of each month. Past topics include:The Planning Fallacy, Cognitive Dissonance, Memory, Fixed Mindset & Growth Mindset, Communication Strategies, and How to Learn Faster & Teach More Effectively. These are often held at Ross House in Melbourne city. (Check details before coming as we are sometimes elsewhere. Also, the building is locked, but there is generally a notice outside with a number to ring.)
  • A Social Meetup on the third Friday night of each month, generally at a quiet pub in the city.
  • Impromptu social outings, excursions and discussions.
  • Discussions of Rationality: From AI to Zombies / the sequences.

Find out more

For announcements and event details, or to ask a question, join us online:

Related groups in Melbourne

There is some overlap of membership, social activity and interests with these groups:

  • Effective Altruism Melbourne: Meetup, Facebook
  • Things We Know - Knowledge Sharing Group - discussion topics range from fitness regimens to economics. (Organised via Facebook. If you want to know more and are not on Facebook, ask one of the Less Wrong organisers to be put in touch with Adam Karlovsky.)
  • Self-Improvement for Nerds: MeetupFacebook


We are trying this wiki as a resource hub for Less Wrong Melbourne. Additional pages will be subpages of this one - i.e. their titles will begin with Less Wrong Melbourne/. This means that a complete list of subpages is automatically generated.

It's a wiki, and you are welcome to improve these pages. If you have any further questions, get in touch with Chris (Chriswaterguy (talk)) or Eike.

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