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  • LW Handle: badger
  • Age: 22
  • Location: Tempe, AZ, but soon to be Champaign, IL
  • Education: BS in math, soon to be an economics grad student
  • Occupation: Fiscal analyst

I'm interested in rationality on a personal level and it's relevance in economics. I lurked at OB since its beginning, and am rather surprised I've been active on this site. I have a tendency to over analyse social situations, even over the internet, which resulting in lurking. I've been very impressed by the cooperative nature of this community, its openness to beginners, and the prominent lack of a bystander effect here.

Other interests include: programming (some experience in Java, Scala, and Scheme), political philosophy (left-libertarian, somewhere between Kevin Carson and Will Wilkinson), ethics, science fiction, math, linguistics, conlangs (experience with Quenya, Esperanto, and lojban), and more of the typical nerd interests.

My origin story has more detail on how I ended up here.