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Summaries contributed

This is just to keep track of which summaries I added so I can find them easier:

Artificial Addition

Truly Part of You

The Proper Use of Doubt revised

I Defy the Data!

"Science" as Curiosity-Stopper

Guessing the Teacher's Password

Articles planned or in progress

Explain yourself! -- Discussion of simple techniques people don't follow which can help pass on their understanding to others.

On mechanizing science -- Possible prelude to Explain yourself!, discussing the basis for opposition to converting tasks, mainly science, into a mechanical procedure.

A computational approach to qualia -- Summary: If two robots with the same sensors and actuators were each to represent their experiences in the absolutely most efficient for their specific forms, the data formats would be incompatible, and they would be in the same position, with respect to each other, as humans are regarding qualia. Sketch of the article

The hard problem of tree vibrations -- An application of the insights from "Belief in the Implied Invisible" to a harder version of the "tree falls in a forest when no one's around ..." problem. Sketch of the article

The Fallacy Fallacy -- Summary: The fallacies in standard lists shouldn't be regarded as fallacies: they indicate things that 'are' actually Bayesian evidence, and therefore are informative about the matter. The only real fallacy to fail to incorporate all the knowledge you have, and incorporation of such extra knowledge is exactly how most "fallacies" are shown to be fallacies in the first place. Comment sketching it out

The EVE of knowledge -- A re-write of my favorite LW article, "Truly Part of You", designed for a broader audience and with fewer pre-requisites. "EVE" is intended as a triple-meaning: 1) universal mother, 2) day immediately preceding, 3) Echt Von Euch, German for "truly part of you".

About me:

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Rationality-related interests: constraints of physical law on inference, situational dependence of intelligence, regenerability of knowledge

Occupation: structural engineer in aerospace