Virtues of rationality

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The twelve virtues of rationality were identified in an essay by Eliezer Yudkowsky.


  1. Curiosity - The burning desire to pursue truth
  2. Relinquishment - Of one's own preconceptions after considered evaluations
  3. Lightness - Be quick to follow the evidence
  4. Evenness - Require reasonable balances of evidence in reaching beliefs
  5. Argument - Don't allow other's arguments to go unchallenged
  6. Empiricism - Observation of evidence
  7. Simplicity - Basically Occam's razor
  8. Humility - You're fallible
  9. Perfectionism - Always seek a better answer
  10. Precision - See above
  11. Scholarship - Study many sciences
  12. The Nameless Virtue - The map is not the territory?

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